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Welcome To My Online Office!

T he founders of our country, with their quill pens and parchment, probably never imagined that information, the soul of democracy, could move at the speed of light. I hope you will use my online office to share your opinions, ask questions, look for help with state agencies, and find out more about what I do to further our common causes across our district and our Commonwealth. Our strength in our district has always been our people – with my new website I hope to bring you into the State House with me, and increase transparency, conversation, and access so that you may always have an open door to my office.

It's a privilege serving you in the State Senate and I hope this website will keep our lines of communication open and our partnership strong.


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“Congratulations to Senator Spilka and the members of the Committee on Ways and Means on an engaging, productive and robust budget debate. This week illustrated the shared values, cooperation and shared leadership in the Senate. The expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit and our investments in workforce training, education and economic development in this budget will lift all working families across Massachusetts,” said Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst)
05-22-2015   Press Release
Boston, MA- During today’s fiscal year 2016 budget debate, in response to the failures of the public transit system this past winter, the Massachusetts State Senate unanimously adopted a bipartisan amendment creating an MBTA Fiscal Management and Control Board (FMCB).
05-21-2015   Press Release
The state Senate rose to the occasion on Tuesday, unveiling a thoughtful response to Governor Baker’s budget. In its plan, the Senate’s Democratic leadership preserved one of the Republican governor’s most important proposals, a boost in the earned income tax credit for the working poor, while offering a credible alternative funding mechanism.
05-20-2015   In The News
BOSTON- Today the Massachusetts Senate passed an increase in the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit designed to help working families. The Senate also passed an increase in the state’s personal tax exemption, guaranteeing that everyone in Massachusetts will receive an income tax reduction in the next year.
05-19-2015   Press Release
BREAKING: Senate passes EITC plan to help working families. Learn More:
05-19-2015   Press Release
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