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T he founders of our Commonwealth, with their quill pens and parchment, probably never imagined that information, the soul of democracy, could move at the speed of light. I hope you will use this online office to share your opinions, ask questions, look for answers, and find out more about the work I do to further our common causes across our district and across Massachusetts. Our strength in this state has always been our people – with this website I hope to bring you into the State House with me, increasing transparency, conversation, and access so that you may always have an open door to my office.

It is my privilege to serve you in the State Senate, and I hope this website will keep our lines of communication open and our partnership strong.

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BOSTON - Senate President Stan. Rosenberg today announced that Sen. Eric P. Lesser will spearhead the new “Millennial Engagement Initiative” for the Massachusetts Senate. “Last year the Senate listened to the concerns of thousands of residents during our Commonwealth Conversations tour. This Initiative focuses on the concerns of millennials, who have important perspectives and ideas that deserve to be heard,” Senate President Rosenberg said. “Senator Lesser and I are passionate about making sure we’re out there, talking with young people and bringing their insights back to the Senate.”
02-10-2016   Press Release
“Today’s legislation implements meaningful public records reform for the first time in more than 40 years. Access to public records must be timely and affordable, and this legislation provides effective enforcement mechanisms to guarantee compliance by state agencies and municipalities. Increasing transparency in government by improving our public records law promotes civic engagement to create a more inclusive and participatory democracy,” said Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst).
02-04-2016   Press Release
THE STATE SENATE unveiled its version of Public Records reform, potentially the first major overhaul since the law was enacted in 1973, placing a hard time limit on responses, requiring courts to award attorneys’ fees if a requester is wrongly denied, mandating electronic records be provided, and restricting fees for compliance and copies.
02-03-2016   In The News
“The recent Paris Climate Agreement to reduce emissions has put climate change at the forefront of international issues. We believe it is essential for us to act right now, at least on the key issues of adapting to the potential change, being ready for them and reducing emissions. Senator Pacheco’s bill once again puts Massachusetts in a leadership role on this critical issue," said Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst).
01-29-2016   Press Release
“When President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963, women earned .59 cents on the dollar. It’s been 53 years, and we’ve closed the gap to .82 cents on the dollar in Massachusetts. We cannot – we will not – wait another half century to finally achieve equal pay for equal work,” said Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst). “I look forward to working together with the Governor and Speaker to pass this critical piece of legislation.”
01-29-2016   Press Release
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