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T he founders of our Commonwealth, with their quill pens and parchment, probably never imagined that information, the soul of democracy, could move at the speed of light. I hope you will use this online office to share your opinions, ask questions, look for answers, and find out more about the work I do to further our common causes across our district and across Massachusetts. Our strength in this state has always been our people – with this website I hope to bring you into the State House with me, increasing transparency, conversation, and access so that you may always have an open door to my office.

It is my privilege to serve you in the State Senate, and I hope this website will keep our lines of communication open and our partnership strong.

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NORTHAMPTON, MA – Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) wrote today to congressional leaders of the U.S. House and Senate Judiciary Committees in support of the federal Equality Act (S.1858/ H.R. 3185.) In a letter to the chairs of the committees, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Congressman Robert Goodlatte (R-VA), Rosenberg said passage of the bill “is critical to ensuring that all LGBT Americans are protected from discrimination.”
09-04-2015   Press Release
08-20-2015   Press Release
BOSTON - In a letter sent to University of Massachusetts President Marty Meehan, Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) requested that UMass Trustees revisit a fee increase in light of additional money for the UMass system provided in the budget. The Trustees recently approved a fee increase of up to 5% for the upcoming academic year. Their proposal would mean an increase of about $900 for in-state undergraduate students at UMass Amherst. “The administration at UMass has been working hard to rein in costs and improve efficiency, but I’ve talked to students at UMass who are working two or three part-time jobs to scrape together enough money to stay in school. For them, $900 could put their future at the university in jeopardy. I hope that by working together, we can find a way to help these students.” said Rosenberg, adding “This is about income inequality. Working families are remortgaging their homes and spending their retirement savings to send their kids to school. We need to ensure we’re making it easier for them, not harder.”
08-20-2015   Press Release
With growing discussion about police body cameras across the country and in Massachusetts, Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg said Wednesday he wants the Legislature to come up with money to help local law enforcement try out the devices, with an eye toward learning more about whether a statewide effort would make sense.
08-13-2015   In The News
In an interview with The Springfield Republican/, Rosenberg said the state has known for years that there would be a capacity problem, and there are other steps the gas company can take to address it, such as plugging gas leaks, building natural gas storage facilities and being more aggressive with pushing customers towards energy conservation. "The question I posed to them is can you show us the planning you've done independent of Kinder Morgan?" Rosenberg said. "Kinder Morgan's only been talked about for a couple of years. People have known about infrastructure problems for much longer than just a couple of years."
08-13-2015   In The News
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