art“The best way to win someone’s trust is to tell the truth; clearly, forcefully, directly” -Stan

Welcome To My Online Office!

The founders of our country, with their quill pens and parchment, probably never imagined that information, the soul of democracy, could move at the speed of light. I hope you will use this electronic office to share your opinions, ask questions, look for help with state agencies, and find out more about what I do to further our common causes across the district from Northampton to Northfield. Our strength in our district has always been our people – with my new website I hope to bring you into the State House with me, and increase transparency, conversation, and access so that you may always have an open door to my office.

It's a privilege serving you in the State Senate and I hope this website will keep our lines of communication open and our partnership strong.

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"These grants are great investments in the future of these towns," said State Senator Stan Rosenberg. "I congratulate the communities on their winning proposals."
07-21-2014   In The News
BOSTON – The Senate on Thursday passed legislation to reduce the impact and prevalence of gun violence in Massachusetts. The bill calls for stricter background checks, enhanced penalties, new gun-related crimes, increased protections in schools, among other provisions designed to overall ensure a safer Commonwealth.
07-18-2014   Press Release
“The Senate believes that a woman’s right to access health care without fear of intimidation is sacred,” Senate Majority Leader Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) said. “My colleagues and I believe that the overwhelming majority of Massachusetts citizens believe that, too. This bill would re-establish that closely held belief with a foundation in law.”
07-16-2014   Press Release
BOSTON – The Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a bill providing for the preservation and improvement of land, parks and clean energy in the Commonwealth
07-11-2014   Press Release
BOSTON – The Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill to expand treatment and support for individuals with autism or a developmental disability across the Commonwealth.
07-09-2014   Press Release
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